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Thank you so much for visiting my site. I'm pleased to see you here so I can tell you a bit more about how I can help you change your life for the better!
Whether you are struggling with one or more issue(s) in your life, you've come to the right place to try and resolve them. When life has been difficult for a long time, anxiety and stress can start to build. Many people get to a point where they are convinced there is no way forward. I can hear you saying now, "I have tried everything, and nothing works to get my life back on track".
Robert Fairhead from Reachout Therapy Southend

Robert Fairhead

Advanced Clinical
Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Proud winner of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Award for Excellence in Client Care 2022

I promise you, no matter how bad you think that things are, or for how long, there is always a solution and I will help you find it.
Many clients previously found themselves in a similar position.  Sometimes, all we need is a fresh perspective and with some simple steps, you will improve 'your' life and start to feel better. Of course, I am here to help you every step of the way to get the life you so deserve.  
Call me for a conversation to see exactly how I can help you. It will save you years or even a lifetime of frustration and unhappiness for yourself and loved ones around you. 
Feeling completely at ease with your therapist is so important. So let's have a quick chat, so you can gauge if I'm the therapist for you. I am friendly and easy to talk to, as well as professional, and am sure you will quickly feel at ease talking with me. We can discuss your issue(s) and I will then explain step by step, exactly how I can help you, should you choose to book in. Pick up the phone and join the many ranks of other truly amazed clients. 
This may be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. So check out for yourself what others have had to say about me and the life-changing results experienced.  
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Katherine Downham

Where do I start? Rob is absolutely brilliant, kind, caring and seriously so knowledgeable and professional. I have been seeing Rob since February time, as I had a severe needle phobia, suffered with a little bit of anxiety and needed some guidance in life. First of all, the thought of even having a blood test caused me to faint and I would constantly tell people "they'll have to put me to sleep or drug me before I ever have a blood test!". However, about 3 weeks ago, I had my first ever blood test and didn't (I repeat) didn't faint! Secondly, the anxiety that used to cause heart palpitations and nausea is no longer there. I still get nervous, but only for things that actually matter. Lastly, I feel like I have some direction in my life. I'm doing what I'm now passionate about and taking it another step further (something I definitely wouldn't have done without Rob's help). I have grown so much more confident and sure of who I want to be and where I want to be in life. A smile is now back on my face and my head is held high.

Rob, you have changed my life in such a positive way, so thank you, truly, so much.

Serena Smith

I came to Rob about 18months ago when I was feeling particularly low and felt like I needed someone professional to speak to. In only a few sessions we spoke about what I was going through, he taught me excellent exercises/coping techniques that I could do by myself (which I still use), he helped me realise some issues that I had no idea I was carrying around with me. The most important thing is he instilled confidence in me to take a plunge and follow my dreams. It was the best decision of my life and I am so grateful to Rob for changing my life in ways I could honestly never had imagined!!!
If you're reading this review Rob is kind, caring, compassionate and fun! He will 100% put a smile on your face.

Sandra Clifton

I was recommended to Rob and I would now like to whole heartily recommend him to others. Very professional but so easy to talk too with such understanding. If you are nervous of taking that first step like I was please do, Rob will ring you back and talk you through everything before your first appointment. I am in such a better place now with Rob's help.

Andrea Scarborough

I took my daughter to see Rob as she was suffering from many issues from drinking, bulimia, poor self-confidence, anger, anxiety to name a few she was nervous about talking to anyone and in fear of being judged. I was in fear of her never feeling better as I felt there were too many things to deal with. Rob is so kind, professional and knowledgeable and put her at ease to talk about her problems and feelings with honesty he taught her techniques and she loved going there always came out feeling positive with an attitude that she can do this. I can't thank Rob enough for his kind and caring help and positivity I am so thankful he is a great person he was recommended by a friend and I would highly recommend him.

Isaac Dodd

I went to Rob when I was young, I am autistic, I had great difficulty with social interaction and also with bullying at school. Though out my sessions Rob made me feel very welcomed, he is incredibly nice with a hysterical laugh! He made me feel good about my self, reduced the anxiety that I suffered from and taught me a number of techniques that I have used countless times to cope with situations regarding public speaking and confrontation. Since finishing with Rob I have been to see him for two separate reasons, this was because the relationship I had built with Rob, I trusted him and when I felt that I couldn't talk to anyone and that I was completely alone, he did what he always did, he didn't judge me, he only spoke the truth and inspired me to take control of my life- helping me through his therapy to deal with my problems. He is a truly special person, he has influenced me in a hundred ways (I am now head boy at my school and I am hoping to pursue a carrier in medicine).

Terianne Woodham

I would highly recommend Rob. He’s so positive that you can’t help but walk out feeling so much happier. With first-hand experience of similar challenges that I had faced in my relationship it really felt like he understood. I know that it would have been a very different outcome for my relationship if Rob hadn’t been recommended to us!

Ryan Nappi

If you are apprehensive to talk about any feelings or emotional issues you are facing, Rob is the perfect person to confide in and work through situations with. He will Instantly make you feel more comfortable and at ease with your issues and offer expert advice to become a happier and healthier version of you.

Christopher Robinson

Cannot recommend Rob highly enough, He is a very personable, confident and uplifting kind of guy! In very few sessions he had totally summed me up and relieved a heavy guilty load from my shoulders. I honestly feel lighter and rejuvenated. Thanks so much, Rob. May you continue to help others for years to come.

Carla Frith

Highly recommended therapist with diverse skills and experience. He offered fantastic support and guidance. Excellent!

Joseph Barrett

My Wife and I Highly recommend Robert our therapist. He is ever so passionate about his work and a very caring person, and ever so easy to talk to. My wife went to see Robert about a difficult relationship with her parents which was quickly taken into control. This then in-turn brought up problems with my side of the family. We have seen Robert separately and together, and he has been a great help to us. Our lives are so different now and we wish we had done this many years ago. But as he says we have now got the rest of our lives free of our old emotional problems. This has made us so much more confident with life, and are able to spread our wings, and do more things. We cannot thank him enough for all the help he has given us.


Really lovely guy. This was for therapy for my 7 year old Twin son's so it was imperative that it was somebody kind, that they felt safe and comfortable talking to and Rob encapsulated this perfectly! the boys adored him and shared with comfort and ease. would definitely reccomend .

Sophie Ambler

I would highly recommend Rob to anyone considering therapy, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. The help and support provided were invaluable and something I will be forever grateful for.

Pauline Curtis

Since I’ve been coming to see rob I am now a different person he makes me think positively and how to improve my life... and it’s worked


I owe Rob the greatest of gratitude for the way he has helped me turn my life around and view my trauma differently. I walked in dark and depressed and now see life and its turbulent's so differently positive now.

Faith Allsopp

Absolutely amazing, the most genuine guy ever and helped me so much. If you have anything that's affecting your life or that you want help to work through, he's your guy. Very reasonably priced and lovely. Thank you so much!

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