Children's Therapy in Southend-On-Sea, Essex

What is childhood trauma?

It can be anything that happens in childhood that the child ‘perceives’ as traumatic. One child may find a potentially very traumatic experience quite easy to overcome with no long-lasting trauma, whilst others may become very traumatised by seemingly minor events, but in short, childhood trauma can be created by any event that overwhelms the individual child.

Children's Therapy in Southend-On-Sea

Common causes at the serious end of the spectrum:

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Sudden death of a loved one

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Separation from a parent

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Parent (often the Mother) was unable to show affection

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Unstable or unsafe environment

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Surgery, or severe illness, especially in first 3 years of life

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Victim of violence, including sexual, domestic violence at home, outside the home or bullying in any form

Yes, if left unresolved this would be likely to continue to adversely affect you in many ways as an adult too. If you believe this is the case you should seek help to resolve these issues.



Mood swings

Guilt & self blame


Anxiety & fear

Becoming withdrawn

Feelings of hopelessness

Confusion & difficulty concentrating

Broken sleep pattern


Difficulty concentrating

Palpitations/racing heartbeat


Aches & pains

Family dynamics can often be dysfunctional, in some cases abusive. The pain that results from this can often disturb our adult lives. Persistent problems such as addiction, depression, troubled relationships, physical illness, anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, lack of confidence, eating problems, to name just a few, can all connect back to childhood and adolescent factors.

Hypnotherapy, analysis, psychotherapy and CBT offer a chance to heal childhood wounds, neutralise negative emotions and transform your life, bringing a sense of balance inside you and perhaps also a sense of joy in life.

Sometimes, problems are apparent at an early age – in these instances, nipping it in the bud early can save the trauma escalating and prevent the reinforcement of poor beliefs. However, often, the impact of these issues does not come to a head until adulthood, in which case your only option is to deal with it later in life.

Whether it is a child that needs assistance or you are struggling to move on as an adult, clinical hypnosis, analysis, psychotherapy and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) offer a chance to heal childhood wounds, neutralise negative emotions and transform your life, restoring that balance you need to bring joy back into your life

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